Plasma Media CenterThe KDE project has announced the release of Plasma Media Center 1.1 (PMC).

Plasma Media Center is a unified interface for multimedia content on the desktop PCs, netbooks, tablets, TVs and other devices, which can be run environment KDE. PMC has a typical media center functions and allows you to display pictures, play music and video playback.

PMC is based on the technologies of Plasma and KDE, and a QML uses to form an interface adapted for different classes of devices. To extend the functionality provided an API for creating plug-ins to work with both the contents of the local file system and external online-services, such as, YouTube Flickr and Picasa. Control playback and navigation of content can be carried out via the keyboard / mouse, touch screen or remote control. For a unified view of all media content available opportunity to use the search tools on the desktop KDE (KDE Desktop Search).

Among the new features added:

– Integrated mode service YouTube, allowing to search and view videos posted to YouTube;

– Improved user interface for working with a playlist, featuring a display of more details about the songs. For example, the name of the artist and length of the song. To rearrange and delete items in the list you can now use the mechanism of Drag & Drop. Mode is also available for the random shuffling change playlists;

– Improved user interface. Completely reworked the code for keyboard control, which is now used for the style event similar to the remote control that is not tied to the focus of the current input. The mode of navigating through your music collection (“All Music”) using the keyboard.

Video: Plasma Media Center 1.1 on Desktop

Video: Plasma Media Center 1.1 on Tablet

In the next release plans to add the settings to control the indexing of media collection, implement search for local files, add the preview image in the directories completely rework operation with music collections (“All Music”), including to add output of album covers.