Amarok 2.8Presented the music player Amarok 2.8.0, built using Qt4 libraries and technologies KDE4.

Binaries will soon be prepared for various distributions of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The new release has received the code name of “Return To The Origin”, emphasizing the implementation of a series of features previously available in Amarok 1.x, as well as the return of the draft Mark Kretschmann (Mark Kretschmann), the founder of the Amarok.

Among the improvements added:

– An applet for the analysis and visualization of the spectrum reproduced sound;

– The effect of smooth volume attenuation in the suspension of music;

– Many minor improvements and optimizations user interface, including improved support for alternative color schemes and add a button to reset the interface to its original appearance;

– Significantly Improved the automatic tagging of musical compositions through recognition system MusicBrainz;

– Considering the state of the power management system, including support for pause when the system goes into sleep mode and the ability to block the automatic sleep when playing music;

– Optimize the performance and responsiveness of the various components of Amarok. For example, reading playlist files is now made possible in the asynchronous mode;

– Ability to directly add to the playlist of tracks that are displayed in the widget previously played tracks;

– Hot keys Ctrl + C, the title and author of the current song is copied to the clipboard;

– In the file browser interface button added to update the list;

– Pressing Enter in the form of search results on a collection puts the found tracks in the playlist;

– Hot keys Ctrl + left / right arrow and Shift + left / right arrow to move through the track in steps of 2 seconds and 1 minute (the offset can be adjusted to your taste in amarokrc);

– Ability to encode the import tracks only with certain characteristics;

– Soft and output attenuation screen notifications;

– Support for playlists in the format ASX;

– In the Cool Stream Script added streams internet radio station Radio GFM;

– Supports playback and transcoding codec using Opus.


Instructions for Linux Distributions
Windows installer for Amarok 2.8.0
Source Tarball