Nokia Lumia 625 smartphoneNokia today began distribution of the “Amber” update for a new generation of Lumia family smartphones.

The new service pack will allow owners of smartphones to do more high-quality images and provide new applications to work with the camera. Recall that in the last six months, Nokia noticeably intensified efforts to release software updates for Lumia smartphones.

How to tell the Finnish company, the update Amber provides phones improved algorithms to reduce noise in the picture, more accurately convey the color and improve the operation of the automatic focus. On the Lumia 920 ISO-settings after the upgrade increases from 800 to 3200, allowing the camera to shoot in dark locations.

After installing the update, users will also get the app Smart Camera, which debuted on the Lumia 925. It includes features like Best Shot, Action Shot and Camera Faces. Nokia has stressed that the real picture quality depends on the quality of the camera. In addition, for older models Lumia – 920, 925 and 928 – will the app Pro Camera, which allows a more accurate display settings shooting speed, exposure, ISO, white balance and manual focus.

In addition to the photo-features, update feature added Glance Screen, which adds a clock on the lock screen, as well as notification of the battery is low.

Amber update will not be available for devices lumia 520 and 620 because of their limited memory.

According to the schedule updates, users 920 and 820 in the United States and Europe will be updated in the first place, then it will be available for 810, 521 and 720. Until the end of September it should be accessible to all users.