Microsoft News TodayMicrosoft has released security updates set for August 2013

Microsoft Corp. today released the August set of fixes for their products. According to the description of the company, most fixes this time had to Internet Explorer: 19 out of 11 critical fixes are designed for your browser. The company said that such an impressive scale fixes underscores that users and organizations need to very closely monitor the updates for Internet Explorer. Antivirus companies also warn that older browsers may cause data loss.

In addition to patches for IE, the company also released a patch for the protocol stack IPv6, including one patch for the vulnerability, to provoke the so-called Ping of Death. In total, according to the description on the website of the corporation, was released in August 8 individual security bulletins.

In addition to the above products were correct as Microsoft Exchange Server, which was found critically dangerous bug with remote execution. Microsoft says that the problem was in the Web version of Outlook, particularly in software for rendering documents OutSideIn. Subject to corrective Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Another critical and dangerous bug was found in Windows XP and Windows Server 2013, it is associated with the rendering of OpenType fonts.

Microsoft has released an updated app for YouTube

Microsoft today released a completely updated the YouTube app for the operating system Windows Phone. After a public mutual claims between Google and Microsoft in May of this year, the two companies still find understanding.

“We have released an updated app for YouTube for Windows Phone. It provides the ability to use resources that meet modern requirements, but at the same time removes the issues raised in May this year from Google … We are grateful to Google for their support and faith in Windows Phone. Now Google and we are confident that consumers receive high-quality application, “- said in a Microsoft.

The updated app is now available in Windows Phone Store, and now the app is only available for Windows Phone 8. Recall that the original application for the Windows Phone “sliced” advertising in YouTube, but also allows you to download some videos that angered Google. Last accused Microsoft of violating the Terms of Service and threatened lawsuits. Microsoft withdrew the application and stated that the consultation begins with Google.

In addition, Microsoft said that the new YouTube App has the possibility of direct video downloads from smartphones, working with “live” channels, YouTube, Voice Search, as well as the activation of a Home-screen. The application also supports a “live” icons in the Windows Phone and the authorization on the website YouTube.


Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2013: Tuesday, August 13, 2013
The updated YouTube app is available in the Windows Phone store