Video ConferencingThe last few months have experienced great development in the internet technology. One of the major developments is the introduction of TrueConf Server 4.0 by TrueConf.

This is a new version of TrueConf video conferencing server that can administer the video conferencing server by utilizing any web browser. This provides you an opportunity to manage the VCS (Video Conferencing Server) from any operating system or device from any part of the world.

According to TrueConf, the software solution for the video conferencing TrueConf server is available in version 4.0. In order to move with the current trends of server manufacturers, this server contains a web configuration developed in the form of an internet based application. The previous TrueConf videoconferencing system management tools were limited by the remote administration tools and window OS. This new web configurator gives IT experts an opportunity to add users to arrange video conferencing sessions or add users to a corporate videoconferencing system from any platform or device in any part of the world. One of its major advantages is that it increases the overall flexibility of the whole videoconferencing system. This is because the web configurator functions in a network via a web browser and does not need any software to be integrated on the computer of the administrator.

In developing their solutions, TrueConf adheres to the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Bring Your Own Device means that any available device can be used to make connection to the corporate videoconferencing system from a third party conferencing endpoint or desktop computer to an iPhone. In line to this principle, TrueConf integrated a special guest page in their web configurator for the staff or employees who utilize the video conferencing server. The guest page contains lists of all the available applications configured to function with the local video conferencing server.

According to TrueConf C.E.O Michael Gotalsky, the new release of TrueConf server 4.0 is more user friendly than the previous ones. It also has a combination of cross-platform flexibility and high quality communication. This makes the server meet all the current needs or demands of video conferencing systems users. The CEO also states that the new web interface simplifies integration and scalability with other systems in IT enterprise. Combined with the new administration tools, this winning combination will increase its demand among the IT experts who are engaged in deployment of video conferencing not only in Eastern Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

TrueConf Server scheme

Other great improvements in this new server include the enhanced quality of the transmitted video between SIP devices and TrueConf client applications at high data rates. The video received from SIP devices during a multipoint video conference is not trimmed when scaled. The configurator also has an online support chat widget available when connected to the internet. The other benefit of using the new server is that the user is just a click away from highly skilled technical support. It is also possible to download the TrueConf Server 4.0 as it is readily available from the company website for users.

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