web-conferencingSome few years ago, companies who wanted to stay in communication with partners and clients had to fly their managers and decision makers to distant locations for meetings. But current business trends have made things very easy with the exponential development of effective web communication tools.

Every serious business owner or company wants to get the best of today’s communication and business tools in order to stay a step ahead of competitors. What used to be costly, time consuming, and stressful experience for many companies has become a cost effective, hassle-free, and easy today. Thanks to great internet tools, companies can find quick and efficient ways of experiencing real time communication which can be very essential for effective business decisions. With quality voice, video, audio, and image, business owners can set up conference calls and get vital business information across to their partners, clients, and decision makers in no time.

With the right web conferencing service, business partners can hold planned or unplanned meetings at their convenience. Communication can be done through three different internet based tools: web conferencing, video conferencing, and teleconferencing. Tools such as whiteboard and quick editing can enhance interactive communication between the participants, making it even much easier to pass ideas across without any difficulty or fear of miscommunication. There are services that every company should have, especially is partners are scattered in different locations. Although they are paid services, they are nothing compared to the cost of business travels and physical meetings. A company that uses such tools for business meetings will save a lot of money and time. Managers can use travel time to develop other areas of business management. Another advantage of using such tools is that decisions can be made at the right time. The ability to share information instantly is a huge benefit that cannot be overlooked, especially if such information is vital for making crucial business decisions. A competent presenter can work on slideshows, training materials, and important points about the meeting for different business needs.

Different businesses have different needs, and they are structured differently as well. Company needs can differ from one company to another, depending on their sizes, nature of business, and operational strategies. This means that you will have to find the tools that can appropriately address your business needs. The quality of business communication will determine the effectiveness in other business areas. Effective business communication is at the heart of every business operation, and it can make the big difference when it comes to great rapport with clients and credibility. How do you choose your web conferencing service? What are the factors that should guide you when choosing the type of web conferencing service to use? You should start by considering your business needs and comparing the different best web conferencing service reviews to get one that aligns with your needs.

Below are the Top 5 Web Conferencing Service, according to TopTenREVIEWS.

Best Web Conferencing Service

Web Conferencing Services Review

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing has earned the highest reward and is one of the mostly sought for web conferencing tool due to its many features. One of the important features for this service is the invitation functionality which allows users to invite other participants by simply sending them the link via email or instant chat tool like Yahoo Messenger. Participants are not supposed to go through the normal process for joining a web conference as they can just click on the link and get connected to your conference.

In addition to offering participants the ability to invite others directly through a shared link, this solution can accommodate 1,000 participants. Not all web conferencing solutions can accommodate such a large number of participants. This solution also offers a full duplex support which others do not have and which is very essential for meetings with a large number of participants. Regardless of your business needs, you can be sure that this solution will provide the best features for you.


You can be sure that the expensive suite of tools and features offered by this web conferencing solution can keep your meeting going in the right direction. Participants do not need to download the application before using it and that have instant access to your presentation. You can view the profile and status of everyone participating at the meeting. This feature allows you to mute a participant’s line if there is background noise or anything other thing that can cause distraction to others. InterCall also have a function that allows you to know when each participant joins the meeting and when they leave. It is an easy web conferencing solution and one of the best in the market.


Although ClickMeeting is still in its growth process, we found it to be one of the excellent web conferencing solutions. One of the features they are developing and which will be available to users soon is the function that allows you to send reminders to those invited to the meeting. People can get busy and forget that they have important meetings. This reminder can help in getting participants prepare and be on time for the meeting. Although it allows you differentiate between participants, this service still needs a lot of improvement when it comes to user authentication. If your business is still in its growth process, this will be a good service it can grow with.


This is one of the easiest web conferencing tools in the market. It has a simple interface for both the presenter and participants with a great balance of audio, interactive, and video features. This web service still lacks VoIP which is one of the important features for web conferencing solutions. What makes this solution stands out is its simplicity and the excellent support provided at no cost. This web solution is good for organizations and can also work well for small businesses.

Adobe Connect Pro

With Connect Pro, this web conferencing tool has set a great standard, drawing strength from other Adobe multimedia software programs. It allows anyone who has internet connection to access its wide suite of features. With its different portals and materials, this solution offers a seamless program that is accessible to anyone.

The above are some of the best web conferencing service reviews that you can consider if you are looking for something great for your business meetings. With the right online conferencing tools, you will improve the quality of community within your business organization and enhance the credibility of your business.