MinnowBoard Site LogoIntel has released a motherboard MinnowBoard, wich is the first Intel-based open hardware board.

Center open technologies Intel introduced the draft MinnowBoard, in which together with CircuitCo created the first motherboard based on processors Intel, distributed in accordance with the principles of Open Hardware.

Schemes of arrangement MinnowBoard, CAD-files (ORCAD, Gerber, DXF) and documentation for assembly are supplied under a license Creative Commons, allowing adaptation of the board to suit your needs and the creation of arbitrary products. Fee is available now and costs $ 199.

As the motive of creating a project is referred to a desire to form an ecosystem of developers of Intel open hardware technology-based. According to the authors MinnowBoard, payment shall be based on commercially available standard components and is easily scalable and replicable. As the main field of application is seen conducting various experiments, development and testing of software for embedded systems.


Fee is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and a processor Intel Atom E640 1.0 GHz supporting Hyper-Threading technology and virtualization extensions. As a graphics subsystem uses Intel GMA 600. Of the ports, buses and expansion slots marked PCI Express, SATA2, Gigabit Ethernet, SDIO, 2xUSB, Micro USB, SPI, I ² C, CAN, GPIO, LVDS, SDVO, HDMI. Board size 10×10 cm for UEFI firmware download is offered to support the regime Fast Boot. The base operating system comes Angstrom Linux.

MinnowBoard Technical Features

MinnowBoard Technical Features

MinnowBoard Block Diagram

MinnowBoard Block Diagram

Meet the MinnowBoard – Open Source Intel Atom (Video)

Intel MinnowBoard: Where to Buy

This web site will serve as a starting point for the MinnowBoard community: http://www.minnowboard.org/