NVIDIA SHIELDNVIDIA has announced started sales of a portable game console SHIELD, running on Android mobile platform and built on a processor Tegra 4.

Game console is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen (1280×720, 720p) with multitouch support. Additionally supports the connection of an external display or TV via HDMI with quality up to 4K. Battery charge will last for 5-10 hours in the performance gaming or 24 hours of video playback. The device is priced at $299.

To set is offers more than a hundred games, specially optimized for gaming consoles, which are distributed through catalogs Google Play and NVIDIA TegraZone. From Google Play can also install any applications available for Android – SHIELD used in conventional Android-stack. Separately mentioned function “PC Streaming”, turns the console into a wireless game controller that allows you to play games that run on desktop computer with a video card series GeForce GTX.

Tegra 4

Tegra 4 SoC, NVIDIA’s latest entry into the world of mobile processors

Tegra 4 is positioned as the high-performance processor for mobile devices, complete with quad-core CPU ARM Cortex-A15, additional core with low power consumption and 72-core GPU GeForce (Tegra 3 was used in the 12-core GPU).

Tegra 4 supports the new “computational photography” can dramatically accelerate the formation of high-quality HDR-images and videos on almost simultaneously on several pictures taken with a digital camera, by bringing to their treatment combined computing power of GPU, CPU, and ISP (Image Signal Processor for processing images from the camera.) As a result, one can obtain more realistic images, well detailed in lighting and in the shaded areas.

In addition, support is provided Tegra 4 video quality 4K (ultra high), by 45% compared to 3 Tegra reduced energy consumption for a typical operating the device (up to 14 hours of continuous viewing HD-video phone), the possibility of integration with Icera i500 chipset with the implementation software’s modem networks for 3G/4G LTE.

Link: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2013/07/30/shield-2/

NVIDIA SHIELD – How-to Setup Your SHIELD (Video – Part 1)

The initial SHIELD setup process.

NVIDIA SHIELD – How-to Setup Your SHIELD (Video – Part 2)

How to use SHIELD controls to navigate the Android user interface and the TegraZone app.

NVIDIA SHIELD – How-to Setup Your SHIELD (Video – Part 3)

All the available Google Play services.

NVIDIA SHIELD – How-to Setup Your SHIELD (Video – Part 4)

Setup process for PC Game Streaming Beta.