Office Mobile for AndroidMicrosoft has introduced a version of its Office suite for the platform Android, which is already available for installation through the Google Play catalog store.

The program is free for subscribers to the service Microsoft Office 365. To be able to work in the Android-version of Microsoft Office to Office 365 subscription is required (you can use a trial 30-day registration). The only supported devices on the Android platform 4.

The program allows for a full-fledged view and edit documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Documents are displayed in a form as close to their performance in the desktop version of MS Office, including the available charts, animation, graphics SmartArt. Meanwhile, the mobile options for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are optimized for devices with small screens.

Filing offers cloud services SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint. Due to caching document editing can be done in offline-mode and then to synchronize after the access to the network. An interesting feature is the seamless integration with the version of Office 365 desktop, for example, open on your phone or tablet, you can continue to edit the document from the same location on the PC and vice versa.

Android-version of the mobile MS Ofiice for today is probably the most distant from the original Office and the weakest in terms of compatibility of the branches of the software. Obviously, this is done partly by artificial reasons, and Microsoft still has not lost hope that users will buy solutions based on Windows Phone and Windows RT. However, in the case of Android the problem lies in the fact that there already exist a number of competing office products that predate Office Mobile for Android, and which offer the best compatibility with the original Office, that is, de facto, they are more competitive.

Despite this, Office Mobile for Android is a free solution and it can be freely downloaded from Google Play. To work Office Mobile for Android requires Android 4.0 and above, and in addition, the user must have a valid subscription to Office 365, that is, without the latter Office Mobile for Android is virtually useless, and it is free, too, is quite conventional.

To work with Office Mobile for Android user must have at least some of the 365 Office:

– Office 365 Home Premium;
– Office 365 Small Business Premium;
– Office 365 Midsize Business;
– Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4;
– Office 365 Education A3 and A4;
– Office 365 ProPlus or Office 365 University.

By itself, Office Mobile for Android is available in 33 languages ​​and 117 markets. At present, the product can only be downloaded from the U.S. Google Play, but the limit will be removed in the next couple of days.

As with Office Mobile for iPhone, Android-version comes with mobile Excel, PowerPoint and Word, while Office Mobile for Windows Phone is also One Note. While Android-users do not have access to Outlook Web App, which is at the iPhone. Inside the office suite, users can create new documents, view, edit, save, upload to SkyDrive.

Moreover, users have the opportunity to create from scratch only Word or Excel, but not PowerPoint, which can only be edited. But at the mobile version is a useful option: the package can open documents in a Web email interface without the need to manually download the file to your smartphone. There is also a interface option Outline View, allows you to quickly scroll through a large file on the small screen of a smartphone.

Word Mobile and Excel support some of the most popular features for working with documents and spreadsheets. Such as formatting and typing, filtering data in the tables, and the use of the local processor for calculations in Excel-sheets, and you can draw graphs or charts. PowerPoint users will be able to carry out simple editing of presentations.

Note that users have Microsoft Office 365 is the ability to use a single Internet access licenses from five different devices, so if you are working with Windows Phone, which is initially Office Mobile, here the license counter does not start, at exactly the same package for Android is already included.

The biggest disappointment here, of course, was the lack of support for tablets, meaning users solutions such as Galaxy Tab, where the availability of Office Mobile would be a logical and convenient, do not get Office. so the company recommends users to work with a full Office Web Apps.

Recall that as an alternative to Office Mobile for Android users can use solutions such as Google Docs, QuickOffice, Documents to Go or Office Suite Pro 7. These solutions also available in Google Play.

You can download Office Mobile from the Google Play store.