GoogleFollowing the release of the broadcasting Chromecast device, Google introduced tools for developers focused on creating software for the devices.

Recall that Chromecast designed for streaming online broadcast from your computer (tablet or smartphone) on the TV. Currently Chromecast focused primarily on the transfer of videos from YouTube and Google Play.

According to the documentation Google, creating programs that are compatible with Chromecast should be conducted in such a way that the author of the program will be required to obtain the approval of Google’s placement in the program directory. On the other hand, judging by the capabilities of tools for developers, the new product has the potential significantly broader than simply transferring the video. The gadget can play the role of augmented reality and provide control functions for use with television and internet connection.

But, of course, in the end, everything will depend on how far Google is willing to go in providing access to the device. So far, Google has published a staff SDK and API for Google Cast, and has set up a public forum to discuss the gadget repository on GitHub.

Judging from the structure of the SDK and API, writing programs for Cast will be a procedure essentially a cross between Android-writing programs and plug-ins for the browser Chrome. The main violin played here three web technologies – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although, of course, there is the function that is tied to the broadcast, such as working with video, timeline and codecs.

Today, Google began accepting applications from developers for a Chromecast needs to create programs: