Apache OpenOffice 4Compatible with other major office suites Apache OpenOffice 4.0 has been released

Presented release of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 office suite, which absorbed part of the improvements developed as part of the product Lotus Symphony, the code of which was handed over by IBM after the Apache Foundation’s decision to stop the development of a separate fork and focus on developing core codebase Apache OpenOffice.

The new version is notable for the implementation of an improved user interface, a significant improvement in compatibility with the formats of Microsoft Office, advanced tools for working with graphics, numerous performance optimizations.

Major improvements:

– Improved user interface with support for managing the side panel with the settings and more structured context menus. Compared with the traditional linear toolbars, side panel allows better use of screen space widescreen displays. Items to be displayed in the Properties pane depends on the current context and offers the most requested features for the task editing. The composition of panels formed by choosing the best elements of Lotus Symphony and OpenOffice.org. The size of the side panel can be changed with the appropriate scaling of the elements, and the panel can be isolated in a separate window, and even moved to the workspace associated with the second screen of the monitor. To create extensions to the implementation of new elements to the side panel, a special framework;

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– Improved support for file formats MS Office 2007/2010/2013. Reworked support for working with documents in the format Open XML (OOXML). Significantly improved compatibility with MS Office in terms of the identity mapping of various elements, such as lists, tables, paragraphs, headings, charts, images, blocks of presentations, displays the contents of a spreadsheet, etc. Created in MS Office documents, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations will be displayed in the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 with the closest approximation to the original;

Apache OpenOffice 4.0

– Enhanced tools for drawing. Added a new implementation of the interface for display panel, which shows the most popular color in the form that makes it easier to find the desired color. Increased the number of proposed items to fill with gradients;

– Additional optimization to improve performance, including asynchronous loading documents, an enhanced implementation of the auto-save mode and a fast write in ODP-files. Significantly increased the performance of a graphics display;

– Added 20 additional templates and hundreds of art galleries elements. The gallery is now supported in the placement of graphics format SVG;

– Rewrote the interface object selection and visualization of the selected areas;

– Redesigned interface to preview the output to the print media;

– Improved quality conversion of raster formats and integration of images into documents;

– Improved fill mode using bitmaps: ensure the continued transparency, support for vector images, SVG or animated GIF;

– New features of copying and pasting, as well as Drag & Drop, including added support for transferring images from external applications with their on-the-fly conversion to the desired format, and taking into account parameters such as transparency. For example, you can move through the clipboard graphic in Gimp, correct it and return it to Apache OpenOffice without loss of quality;

– Significantly improved the quality of export and import images in the format SVG. For the PNG transparency support added;

– In the cutting edges of the tool adds support for previewing changes;

– The system of spreadsheets to support newer functions XOR, LEFTB, RIGHTB, LENB, MIDB, AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS and SUMIFS. A new implementation of the function RAND, a more robust algorithm for generating random numbers;

– When displaying pie charts height is now selected automatically based on the proportions of the chart and the specified width.

– Simplified system of multi-level organization of enumerated lists;

– Improved system for setting styles;

– Support for the connectors in the documents and spreadsheets;

– Ability to display speaker notes in a normal mode of presentations;

– An improved operations Undo and Redo;

– Integration of IBM developments to ensure the work of people with disabilities.

Apache OpenOffice is free to download from official download page. Download it now