smartphone based on Firefox OSOwners of the first non-commercial smart phones based on Firefox OS got the first update that contains many improvements.

Despite this, the smartphone manufacturer claims that there is still a lot of work to do.

Owners of the first two smartphones running the operating system Firefox OS – Keon and Peak – the first update was available – Firefox OS 1.1. This was reported on the official forum of the startup Geeksphone, who released them.

In Firefox OS 1.1 performed the work on the interface of applications and functions.

For example, an application for e-mail received many improvements, fixes many bugs. And improved the calendar application.

When headphones are connected, users can set a lower volume, in addition, users can answer calls with headphones that do not have a microphone – to communicate using a microphone built directly into the smartphone.

There have also been changed shortcuts – in the new version, they have become smaller. Improved scrolling shortcuts.

Users who upgrade to Firefox OS 1.1, note significantly reduce the load on the phone (3 times), wrote Engadget.

In the company Geeksphone recognize that despite some improvements in the new version, but much work remains to be done. For example, a mail application, there is still no notifications and auto-fill fields destinations, and calendar application – Automatic adjustment of the completion time when the user moves the event to a later date (which is why you have to manually adjust the time).

Instructions on how to install new firmware are available on the forum.

Recall that Keon and Peak, for which the update is available, are the first two smartphones based on the Firefox OS. This is a non-commercial vehicles, intended for application developers. The devices released spanish startup Geeksphone, a few hours later all the stocks were sold. As of today, to get any of these two smartphones, the buyer must submit your application on the website.

The first smartphone running Firefox OS for the commercial market was presented three weeks ago. The device went on sale in Spain at the price of 69 euros, 30 euros including communication services.

Firefox OS, along with some others are promoting is currently operating systems, including Sailfish OS, to belong to OS based on the Linux kernel. According to IDC, in the I quarter 2013 such operating systems possessed 1% of the world market of smartphones in quantitative terms. The Android platform also belong to this group, but analysts generally believe the supply of devices based on it separately.

Firefox OS 1.1

Firefox OS 1.1

Among the changes:

– Correct display interface of third-party applications on the HD-screen;
– Improved application for e-mail, reply to the message provided by the mapping of the source text, provided the grouping messages by threads;
– Improvements to the calendar planner, added protection against accidental deletion events (you can now delete the item in edit mode only);
– Changed the carousel run applications called by holding the control key. Of the problems there is a lack of fixed order O applications (new application moves the other);
– The opportunity for a separate volume when listening to music;
– Added a mode of answering a call using headphones without a built-in microphone (using the phone’s microphone);
– When you connect your phone via USB is now available to select the partition to mount – SD-card or internal memory;
– Support for importing contacts from SIM, SD-card, Gmail, Outlook ( and Facebook.


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