Software NewsSoftware News today July 19, 2013: LibreOffice developer advises switch to branch 4.x, Updated AVG AntiVirus Free for Android, Wunderlist service is now available in Chrome platform as offline applications.

LibreOffice developer advises switch to branch 4.x

Foundation ‘The Document Foundation‘ announced the release of the final version of LibreOffice 3.6.7 – Free office suite of open source platforms for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. New release brought a lot of patches of “bugs” and improvements to existing features. Version of LibreOffice 3.6.7 will be the last release in a line of performance 3.6.x leading independent office suite.

As stated in the developer’s official blog, The Document Foundation recommends that all users – from corporate to individual, – to update your LibreOffice to stable version 4.0 or wait for 4.1 update, which is scheduled for release next week.

Those who are still happy with the opportunities LibreOffice 3.6, Release 3.6.7 offers 10 bug fixes and updates files with translations. A complete list of new features and improvements present in the official change log:

LibreOffice 3.6.7 update is now available for download.

Updated AVG AntiVirus Free for Android

AVG has released a new version of its free anti-virus utility for devices running Android. The utility can perform a system check on a predetermined schedule.

AntiVirus Free allows you to check references, e-mails, as well as incoming SMS for malicious code. AntiVirus Free also provides protection from SMS spam attacks.

In the utility built in mechanism to alert the device owner about the location of a stolen gadget via GPS. In addition, the owner of a lost smartphone can remotely display messages on the screen or delete sensitive data from the device memory.

The latest update improved antitheft module.

The program works on devices with Android 1.5 and above.

Wunderlist service is now available in Chrome platform as offline applications

Google Chrome is gradually moving away from the concept of web-platform to a more independent desktop platform. This is accomplished through the application applications that use web-based technology but work on Chrome and can exist outside of the browser window as remote programs. Tendency is illustrated by the fact that the German company 6Wunderkinder recently released their own application software for Chrome on the basis of its popular task management service Wunderlist.

Expanding Wunderlist for Chrome offers work in offline mode, the input data by voice tagging and display notifications on the desktop PC – the last option, Google stopped supporting earlier this year.

Initially the service Wunderlist was available for mobile platforms iOS and Android, desktop operating systems Windows and Mac. So the issue of the application adds support for Chrome OS ChromeOS and the ability to access Wunderlist tasks from remote computers.

In addition to Wunderlist, there are other applications for Chrome, providing offline mode: Service Notes and Google Keep reading service deferred Pocket Chrome. Will or not from the operating system ChromeOS become a viable desktop platform, will largely depend on whether it can continue this list and offer extensive support for applications outside the Internet connection.

While the movement in this direction has been slow: the full support of the latest capabilities of applications is limited by channel developers Google. It is possible that the latest news about offline applications running on Chrome we will hear at the next corporate event, to be held on July 24.