Samsung SSDSamsung Electronics by next month will propose a range of SSD-drives, including the industry’s first consumer SSD capacity of 1 TB, aimed for everyday use.

Line ‘840 Evo lineup’ promises to be 2-3 times more productive compared to the current model 840.

As they say in Samsung, TB model in the read data be 520 Mb / s, which is twice higher than its predecessor, while the low-end model with 120 GB can read data at speeds up to 410 Mb / s, which is three times higher than its predecessor. The Samsung is not saying exactly how much will be new items, but notice that the prices of these products fall along with the increasing penetration of SSD to the masses.

Analysts say that if you go to the terabyte SSD lines and offer customers competitive prices, they are beginning to pose in front of a wide audience a real competitor to the hard disks. Strictly speaking, Samsung is not the first one who showed terabyte SSD, back in January of this year at CES2013 company showed a prototype of Micron Technology Terabyte SSD, but this model is not for sale, although Micron promised that its price will be around $ 600. In 2011, OCZ has released a test version of the 1-terabyte drives, while they were on sale at a price of $ 2,500 apiece.

Samsung 840 EVO Lineup Prices

As noted above, Samsung is not disclosing information about the price of devices, but it is known that the drives will be issued in the form factor of 2.5 inches, will offer 98,000 IOPS write and read 90000.

Parallel to this, Samsung has announced a corporate line of SSD, which is significantly more expensive than consumer decisions, but will offer a capacity of up to 1.6TB, the read speed of up to 2 Gb / s and 740,000 IOPS (input / output operations per second). Corporate model will be released in  400, 800 and 1600 GB sizes.

The 2.5-inch enterprise drives will also come in 400GB and 800GB sizes.

Samsung 840 EVO Lineup