Ebay ShopingInternet company Ebay expects its earnings this quarter will be worse than expectations of some analysts on the background of deteriorating economic conditions in Europe and Asia.

According to the Ebay estimate, the company will sell at a rate of 3.85-3.95 billion, while analysts stated 3.97 billion dollars. Revenue for the second quarter amounted to 3.88 billion dollars, which is only $ 100 million worse than expected.

eBay president and CEO John Donahoe said the company is now making significant efforts related to work outside of the U.S., focusing primarily on emerging markets such as Russia or China. In 2012, 27% of the proceeds from the online auction Ebay turned out just by working outside the United States, while on the subdivision PayPal is even higher 50%. In Ebay today said that in 2013, the company’s performance will be at the lower end of a previously published forecast.

After the publication of quarterly results securities of the company fell in price by 5.9% to 57.38 dollars since the beginning of the year they grew by 13%, which is worse than an index S & P500.

Ebay now predicts that in 2013 had revenue in the range 16,0-16,5 billion, operating income of U.S. $ 2,70-2,75 per share.

The CEO, commenting on the results of the quarter, drew attention to the fact that Ebay business in Germany and the United Kingdom are also suddenly began to slow down. He also noted that the company’s revenue in the segment of the online auction  the results of last quarter rose 10% (to $ 2 billion), and the number of users – 14% (to 120 million people).

The unit of  PayPal revenue increased 20% (to $1.6 billion), the number of users has increased by 4.7% to 132 million people. Net payments amounted (to $43 billion), what up 24% from the same period a year earlier.