Ubuntu logoMark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical Ltd, said that Mir – developed by a new display server, which is planned as a replacement window system X Window System, is almost ready for release.

Mir technology will be included in the next version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, which promised the fans of the operating system in October of this year.

The company Canonical Ltd announced the planned release of Mir in March, triggering a high-profile and discontent in the community, especially from developers Wayland – alternative and competing composite window manager, which has already managed to get support a few Linux distributions.

However, in a recent blog post, Shuttleworth explained the company’s decision to ignore the efforts of Wayland and go their own way: “We treat very carefully to everything that concerns Ubuntu, in view of huge community around this distribution. But I remind the team: inaction is far worse than the wrong steps. “

In the case of Mir, as described Shuttleworth, a company driven by a desire to develop a system of displays that will effectively and consistently operate at a wide range of equipment. Taken into account the fact that the immediate goal Ubuntu – to become the OS for all kinds of computer equipment from PC and laptops to smartphones, tablets and smart TV.

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“I believe that Mir will be able to evolve faster than competitive solutions, in part because of key differences and choices made at this time – wrote a multimillionaire and an astronaut. – For example, rather inflexible protocol that can only expand, Mir provides API. The implementation of this API will be improved over time and give the performance boost, which is very difficult to do in case of a fixed protocol.”

The display server Mir functions as a software layer under the X Window System. So that the program can not only interact directly with Mir – existing X applications can be run through the implementation of X Window System, which runs on top of the server Mir. Patches required to run today’s X-Server for Mir, contain less than 500 lines of code. Shuttleworth also boasted that he used Mir on his own laptop and Dell XPS for 2 weeks, and the system was running more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

As a result, the server Mir will be integrated into Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander – the next version of the distribution, which will be available for download by early October, once completed all testing.