Visa and MasterCardFollowing the introduction of restrictions in regard to the sharing sites, MasterCard and Visa have begun to take action against the VPN-providers.

During this week, a Swedish payments provider “Payson” has restricted access to the service of anonymization, after having received appropriate instructions from the operators of credit card systems. VPN provider iPredator that was established by the co-founder of the portal The Pirate Bay Peter Sunde said that they apply legal efforts to unlock the service.

Independent experts say that the actions of Visa and MasterCard, probably dictated by the struggle with the affiliate programs of VPN-providers and sharing sites. Earlier, payment system PayPal has begun cutting payments to such suppliers. In addition, it is possible that in the future the system will block the payments to a wider range of suppliers of anonymization.

In Payson say they received a warning from Visa and MasterCardon the last week, and then began to notify customers. The report said that Payson customers can use the services of the company, by sending money from the deposits bank accounts, however the refill of new accounts is not possible if you use the credit cards.


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In an interview for TorrentFreakPeter Sunde said that he was surprised by such a decision, as the U.S. Visa and MasterCard blocked finances without a court order, in addition, they blocked the resources of non-US companies that have no relation to the USA. “It’s not even the NSA global surveillance, it’s just insane,” – says Sunde.

He said that iPredator hadmany different way of payments, for instance the payments system Bitcoin, but “there is a blocking for a legal foreign businesses without any court orders and it is completely insane situation” – added Sunde. He also said that these actions of Visa and MasterCard were made under control of American Government, as VPN services can send data anonymously and NSA are not able to get the access to it.
For today Payson accepts payments from many services including iPredator, Annonine, Mullvad, VPNTunnel, Privatvpn and others.