MagicPlayMagicPlay is new open platform for the organization of the wireless broadcast streaming music over WiFi-speakers.

The company DoubleTwist introduced MagicPlay, a new open platform for the organization of streaming music over the wireless broadcast WiFi-speakers, smart TVs, car audio systems and other devices, acting as an alternative to proprietary technology AirPlay.

MagicPlay has been created was in response to the appearance on the market of wireless speakers that can only work with devices that support AirPlay, leaving behind equipment manufactured not by Apple, such as phones and tablets on the platform Android.

MagicPlay is fully open technology and does not require the payment for its implementation. In this MagicPlay is extremely simple for the consumer technology and allows to establish a wireless broadcast in the “one touch”. If you find the current WiFi network enabled devices MagicPlay, these devices are no extra complications and phase conjugation are available for broadcast. It works immediately, without any customization by the user.

To promote the new technology produced a reference implementation MagicPlay, the code is distributed under a BSD-style license. The above code allows any application developer and manufacturer of devices supported MagicPlay integrate into their products. Components for integration with equipment built using Qualcomm AllJoyn framework and supports the work on all chipsets, platforms and architectures.

MagicPlay 3 steps

Currently, developers MagicPlay prepared instructions for transformation board Raspberry Pi in MagicPlay-compatible device. Support for the new technology is already integrated in the platform developed for the Android app doubleTwist Player, allows you to find and choose affordable MagicPlay-compatible playback devices, as well as to provide a synchronized broadcast on several different devices.

It is expected that it will soon wireless speakers and headphones (with support MagicPlay and differ significantly lower price than devices for AirPlay) appear on the market. The price will be lower due to the absence of the need to pay royalties to Apple and can be commensurate with the cost of devices featuring Bluetooth, but using WiFi allows for higher quality and transmission distance.

Introducing Magic Radio by doubleTwist

The source code can be found at