Kingsoft Office logoKingsoft Office English-Language Website: Kingsoft / WPS Office, developed in China, office suite for Linux

International website of community of users of the project’s Kingsoft Office (also known as WPS Office), under which the Chinese developers develops analog office suite MS Office, written in Qt and aimed to work in Linux has been launched.

The site contains a set of English-language information on the project, a forum and distributed build localized for English-speaking users (previously assemblies supplied only through the forum in Chinese). Finished assemblies are available in the form of RPM packages and DEB.

The structure includes a word processor, a system for creating presentations and spreadsheet. The package is distributed free of charge. Advantage over LibreOffice, Google Docs and Lotus Symphony is familiar to users MS Office interface, which enables users to simplify the transition to the new package.

The package supports the interface in the style of “Ribbon”, and the classic interface. Of the differences observed simultaneous work with a group of documents via tabs, similar to the discovery of different sites in the tabs of the modern browsers. The package does not support the ODF format and has no plans to implement in the near future due to lack of developers.

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