IT Business NewsSamsung buys Boxee for $30 million, Yahoo buys Xobni for more than $30 Million.

According to a report from Israeli business site The Marker, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics buys Israeli developer strimming devices Boxee.

Yahoo! continues its corporate shopping. This time was bought startup Xobni, which develops products for managing contact information. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed publicly.

Samsung buys Boxee

BoxeeIn a statement, the Korean manufacturer said that the purchase of Boxee – the acquisition of the most important assets of Samsung, and the inclusion of its staff of talented development team. “The purchase will help us continue to improve our solutions in a wide range of activities,” – said in Samsung.

Latest Products Boxee allow subscribers to record TV broadcasts to servers and transmit them to the audience on different devices, including through the Internet to ordinary browsers. Previously, the company Boxee has attracted investors from around $ 27 million.

At present, Samsung is the world’s largest manufacturer of smart TVs that offer access to applications to extend the functionality of the device. According to Informa Telecoms and Media, last year around the world have been sold 54 million smart TVs, analysts expect that in 2017 this will rise to 221 million analysts Informa believe that the uptake for most Samsung may be advantageous step, so as will significantly extend the functionality of its televisions, because before the demand is not meet the expectations of the company.

Boxee will be joining Samsung

Yahoo buys Xobni

XobniRecall that yesterday, Yahoo announced the acquisition of Qwiki, the application developer of the same name.

The company Xobni is developing products to help effectively manage contact lists to receive more information about the people who appear in these pages, and perform various operations with these data, in particular to send SMS-message on them, exchange e-mail or call up. The company says that its products allow to obtain comprehensive data about each user, as well as record a history of correspondence, phone calls and messages. In addition, they have integration with Facebook and Twitter.

At present, Xobni offers products for Microsoft Outlook, for Google Gmail, as well as addressing Smart Contacts for iPhone and Android. Xobni company is based in San Francisco, but will now be moved to the headquarters of Yahoo in Sunnyvale. Today in Xobni said they would continue to support existing customers, but the subscription of new solutions will not be taken.

Recall that Yahoo itself in April of this year updated its Mail app for iPad and Android.

Xobni has joined Yahoo!