Upgrade from Windows 8Free Software Foundation invited users to switch to a free operating system.

In connection with the upcoming upgrade Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue), Free Software Foundation, presented an update campaign “Upgrade from Windows 8”, organized with the purpose to suggest users of Windows cardinally to update an operating system on the computer and to get rid from the problems associated with the OS, the family of Microsoft Windows.

Campaign slogan was chosen “Close Windows, Open Doors!”,  as advertising uses images in the style of Windows 8, an infographic as a comparison of Windows and the free OS.

FSF claims that Microsoft restricts the user’s freedom, “closes the door to the outside,” watching him and has the ability to remotely control the computer in order to install or uninstall a program as you wish, and leaves no privacy and security is no chance.

On the other hand, states that free software gives the user full control over the computer supports his freedom and has a strong community. As an alternative to updating Windows, the Fund proposes to use open source software distribution GNU / Linux Trisquel, and provides instructions for its preparation.

Pledge to free a computer today!: http://www.fsf.org/windows8/pledge

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