Future of Open Source SurveyThis week in open source news:  the release of the Linux Kernel 3.10, At the core of Linux 3.11 is enabled Lustre cluster file system, In the proprietary NVIDIA 325.08 driver dropped support for Linux 2.4 kernels, Officially dropped support for Ruby 1.8.7.

The release of the Linux Kernel 3.10

Developers of the Linux kernel yesterday officially has been presented the version of Linux 3.10, which replaces the seventh release candidate version 3.10. In the mailing list for users of kernel development leader Linus Torvalds announced that the new version of the kernel is implemented the largest range of new features over the last year.

According to him, it was initially planned to release another version of the RC-core, but testing showed no obvious errors in the code, and it was decided to release a stable version. A total of 3.10 sold 11,900 amendments to the code of the product.

The new version has been greatly improved work with Linux SSD-drives, implemented different versions of data caching with SSD, improved mechanisms dm-cache and bcache. It also has implemented a system of dynamic reallocation of resources that is useful for use in high performance, but almost imperceptibly on the bulk of the PC. Also in the nucleus appeared better support video graphics adapter Radeon and technology Unified Video Decoder.

A complete list of new features available in the relevant section on the website kernel.org

At the core of Linux 3.11 will be enabled support for Lustre cluster file system

Greg Kroah-Hartman submitted a further list of these patches are planned for inclusion in the experimental section of “staging” the kernel Linux 3.11. The most important innovation is the integration of the core client cluster file system Lustre, used in most of the clusters included in the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

The client side is working together with the Lustre servers to store data and metadata maintenance, providing a means for customers to access the stored data in a distributed file system (based on the ext4 backend ldiskfs for the organization of the storage server in the kernel is not included).

Link: http://lkml.indiana.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1307.0/00398.html

In the proprietary NVIDIA 325.08 driver has been dropped support for Linux 2.4 kernels

NVIDIA has started beta testing a new branch of their proprietary drivers NVIDIA 325.08. The driver is available for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. For Linux users, the new version is notable for the cessation of support for Linux kernel 2.4 series, for the operation of the driver is now required kernel Linux 2.6.9 or later. In previous LTS-series 319.x, 173.14.xx and 304.xx support kernels 2.4.x will be maintained.

Other changes in non-error correction can be noted the addition of nvidia-settings configuration screen rotation for each display separately. In the “X Server Display Configuration” nvidia-settings configurator adds support for SLI Mosaic mode settings and Base Mosaic. Increased performance of complex gradients.

Link: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/…/linux-solaris-and-freebsd-driver-325-08-beta-/

Officially has been dropped support for Ruby 1.8.7

The developers of Ruby announced the official end of the lifetime of the branches Ruby 1.8.7, whose support is now fully terminated. The oldest branch is supported by Ruby 1.9.3, which eventually replace branch Ruby 2.0.

Release Ruby 1.8.7 was released in June 2008 but is still used in some of the projects that was not possible without editing the code to translate into Ruby 1.9.x because the Ruby 1.9 branch is not 100% compatible with earlier versions . A year ago, Ruby 1.8.7 has passed the final stage of support, in which updates were issued only with the elimination of critical vulnerabilities.

Link: http://www.ruby-lang.org/…/we-retire-1-8-7/