Wi-Vi TechnologyA group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new technology called Wi-Vi, which allows you to track the movement of objects through walls.

New product uses inexpensive radio transmitters which can be found virtually everywhere. At MIT say the new sensors Wi-Vi in the future can be embedded in smart phones, and other handheld devices, equipment for police and fire services.

MIT Professor Dina Katabi and one of the developers of technology, said that the new technology can be used on a home security system that would allow the owners of houses to see who is hiding behind the walls of the home. “Do not worry about what the neighbors will spy on you, considering you are wearing pants or not. System displays images at a very low resolution,” – says Katabi.

By its action it resembles aircraft radars that monitor the aircraft, but do not provide information about what is happening in his cabin. Katabi says that, technically, the accuracy of the system could be improved and then Wi-Vi will be able to recognize faces, but in this case the system Wi-Vi in the sale would be limited.

“As with all technology, our depends on how you use it” – says Katabi.

New product works by sending WiFi-waves through the obstacle detection and how they are reflected. Similarly, works radar or sonar. However, there are no powerful antennas and bulky equipment with restricted frequencies. The system relies on two different types of radio signals that bounce and give an idea about the movements on the other side of the wall. Moreover, all the components of the system – a standard for devices that are in most modern smartphones.

From the standpoint of energy consumption Wi-Vi corresponds exactly WiFi. “The vision through the walls can be useful not only in the consumer, but also in the military sphere as well as mobile transmitters to carry with you,” – says Katabi.

Wi-Vi: See through Walls with Wi-Fi signals