Bitdefender Photon Scanning TechnologyNew version of Bitdefender 2014 antivirus solutions use adaptive technology to scan – Bitdefender Photon, which can increase the speed and performance protection.

To antivirus solution stood out from most of the available products on the market, it is necessary to comply with the optimum balance of core indicators. The number of detected threats, the frequency of updates and the impact on system performance – parameters that are most important to the end user.

We will briefly explain purpose of some functions of anti-virus programs

  • Cloud technologies are designed to improve the speed of response of antivirus to new threats. In fact, the antivirus cloud is an infrastructure company, which is designed to process information received from users of the personal computer product in order to identify new, undetectable signature-based threats.
  • Parental Control. This module allows to block users access to certain categories of data in the Internet, to control time spent online, the use of personal data, and so on.
  • Protecting against exploits. In this case represents the set of signatures to determine the attack. In fact this is the IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
  • Heuristic analysis. Allows for the analysis of the code executed by the application, script or macro find areas that are responsible for malicious activity. It is worth to mention that the presence of heuristic analysis is aimed at finding a purely Windows-oriented threats. For Unix-based scripts (Unix shell), and also for files of the executed format Mac OS Mach-O of heuristic algorithms of check doesn’t exist.

The latest scanning technology Bitdefender Photon changes the understanding of the anti-virus scanning. Now it takes almost invisible to the user, the distribution of resources has become as effective as possible. Photon is the development of technology SmartDB, first presented in 2012. New technology adds its own component of the cloud system image applications: SmartDB: the Cloud.

Bitdefender Photon Scanning Technology

In the field of computer security, all applications can be divided into two basic groups: those who can be trusted and those of which we know nothing. The main objective of Bitdefender Photon – unload the anti-virus scanner from the analysis of known files that were not modified by the action of a malicious program.

Adaptive technology Photon gradually explores the installed programs and determines which ones need constant monitoring. The result is a much smaller number of files to be scanned, and, therefore, to carry out these tasks require fewer system resources. Thus, the anti-virus scanner is fully focused on the potentially dangerous files.

In a series of independent test lab AV-Comparatives Bitdefender showed high speed, regardless of the processes running on the system. Detection of malicious software while working efficiently, avoiding not a single infection.

Bitdefender Photon technology is a very promising improvement that changes the perception of the impact of scan performance. Photon is built into new products Bitdefender Total Security 2014, Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014, which was released on June 26, 2013.

Bitdefender Photon Video Review