Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderThe Ubuntu project has announced the availability of the alpha version 13.10. Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, Lubuntu 13.10 and Kubuntu 13.10 is available for download.

Ubuntu Linux developers have announced the start of the alpha test release 13.10 “Saucy Salamander”.

Under the new development plan, has already been tested in the preparation of Ubuntu 13.04, individual alpha build will not be formed, instead of testing is offered daily use experimental assembly.

Finished test images created just for Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Kubuntu. The beta version of Ubuntu 13.10, scheduled for September 26, will be formed as a complete assembly. The release is scheduled for October 17.

From available on the current stage of development of changes observed updated versions of the programs, the use of the Linux kernel 3.9.7.

In Kubuntu marked the transition to KDE 4.11 Beta, the involvement Muon Discover a new application for search and install software.

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In Lubuntu carried replacement Chromium browser to Firefox, delete the screen saver XScreensaver and enable the use of technology ZRam (placed in the RAM block device where the message is swapped with compression).

In Ubuntu GNOME desktop environment involved GNOME 3.8 (13.04 delivered to GNOME 3.6), given the opportunity to select a session with the implementation of the classic desktop in the style of GNOME 2.

Of overall development plans Ubuntu 13.10 can be noted involvement of the default display server Mir, delivery of user environment Unity 7 c implementation of Smart Scopes and the means to control private information.

Unity Smart Scopes in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

Smart Scopes are server processors, allowing Dash to represent certain types of local or external information to the definition of the order of output areas in terms of relevance and relevance of the user. Equity to manage private information will allow more precise control of which services to use, for example, define filters for the local and global search. In addition, migration is not excluded from Firefox to Chromium in the base installation.

13.10 (Saucy Salamander) Alpha 1 Released!: