Visual Studio 2013At the conference Microsoft Build,  representatives of the corporation announced a preview version of the software Visual Studio 2013, and reported the release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 3. The final version of VS2013 is expected at the end of the year.

Many of the new features Visual Studio 2013 addressed to the solution of mobile tasks, implementation of the so-called connected applications, as well as addressing a number of other challenges facing developers today. Microsoft says that the new version of the product will be fully updated profilers, as well as tools to help programmers create applications with a low load on the processor unit and increased saving battery power. Also here are declared and new tools for the study of applications on devices with touch screens.

In Visual Studio 2013 should be available and the tools that will allow to write applications that run on-premises and cloud environments, managing local and remote data. Microsoft promises to provide an interface to Azure Mobile Services in the environment of Visual Studio, that more needs to simplify application development.

Another edge innovations in VS2013 will optimize the medium itself for the establishment of different applications. For example, in VS2013 you can create multiple profiles for mobile developers, creators of cloud software, Win-classical programs, etc etc. Keep the settings themselves can be in the cloud, so that the programmer in the transition from one machine to another can immediately adjust the VS2013 under.

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A new feature Code Lens will have to provide programmers “class of information to which it was historically difficult to access.” It may for example indicate what software method is responsible for a particular functional as well as with any other methods or functions it is logically connected. VS2013 support and expand the standard C + + 2011, which is the latest iteration of the C + +.

It is expected that in VS2013 will support Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8.1

In Microsoft said that at the same time they release a VS and a new version of the platform. NET, which has recently heard quite a bit of time, and this leads to the development of thought about the future demise. NET, especially given the fact that Microsoft itself after the release of Windows 8, and Windows RT is very little about. NET. Today, Microsoft dispelled the rumors, saying that. NET – it is a strategic asset that gets integration with Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Windows Azure.

Today, Microsoft has released a preview version. NET 4.5.1, which comes with VS 2013.


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