Oracle Database 12cOracle today posted on its website a new distribution flagship database Oracle Database 12c, which is now available for download to all users.

Note that the archive links on the product appeared yesterday, today users have download already the product itself, but Oracle has not yet conducted a formal presentation of new items, promising to do it “in a couple of weeks.”

Thomas Kurian, vice president of product development at Oracle, said that the 12s should be presented together with a new generation of products ligament Fusion Middleware, and the latter is expected to launch in the current quarter, which ends in August. Earlier, Oracle developer has released some preliminary versions of Database 12c, but so far the company has never reported on when we can expect the final release version of the product.

Earlier, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison reported that the 12s will get wide cloud capabilities and will be able to work both locally and in the cloud, and interact with existing cloud platforms major suppliers. Just yesterday, Oracle announced partnerships with Microsoft and in the cloud field.

Ellison also reported that a new version of the product will get the option multitenancy, which will be sold separately and allow several different users of different structures use the same physical database code to reduce licensing costs.

In addition, Oracle partners surveyed said that in anticipation of the release of a new version of the DBMS vendor companies as long as they do not notify you of any changes to the price of the product, so the retail price of Oracle Database 12c, are likely to remain unchanged.

Oracle Database 12c Multitenant Architecture Overview


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