Mobile Devices and CybercrimeMobile devices under the scrutiny of cybercrime

Mobile devices have become part of our lives. Daily activated only about 850 thousand android smartphones. However, many do not even realize how much can be dangerous inattention to the installed programs on your mobile device.

Since mobile devices have become a popular means to personal and professional information than desktop PCs, they become the target of a scam.

There are new areas of mobile cybercrime, new opportunities for abuse and misuse of mobile devices and data.

First of all, there is a serious risk of a mobile virus through online application stores App Store: malware is spread primarily with re-injected applications. It takes a special danger in light of the fact that the vast majority of smartphone owners now do not use a mobile Antivirus to scan for infected programs. In addition, more and more begins to meet the threat of attack via the existing Wi-Fi-network: mobile devices are more susceptible to such attacks – there are mobile applications, using which an attacker can easily gain access to email and social networks “victim.” All the usual SMS-message can also be a source of threats.

To protect the device from the growing number of mobile malware, we advise: install applications to protect against malware, spyware, infected SD-card, as well as hacker attacks on the device. Also, you need to use a personal firewall to protect device interfaces, as well as keep track of the unavailability of other persons password to access the device. You can install and anti-spam software to protect against unwanted voice and SMS / MMS-messages. Parents are encouraged to use the program and device monitoring software to monitor and control children’s access to mobile devices, as well as for protection from intimidation, harassment, provocation, or misuse, and other threats.

Juniper Networks company has released a report on security threats to mobile devices.

According to statistics collected from March 2012 to March 2013, the number of malware for mobile devices has increased from 614% to 276.259 samples. For comparison, during the same period from 2011 – to 2012 the increase was only 155%.

The report is based on an analysis of 1,850,000 applications for mobile devices and vulnerabilities in them. The most common system of virus writers is Android (which occupies 60% of the market), in second place – the operating system from Apple (19%) and the third – the products of Microsoft (18%). According to the report, 92% of the malware created specifically for Android.

Thus, the amount of malware for Android has increased by 42% compared to the previous period. The researchers are focusing on the threat posed by the new development of virus writers, 73% of malware to send out SMS messages to premium numbers.

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