Windows 8.1 preview soonMicrosoft Corp. today opened its corporate conference Build, which among others, announced presented the operating system Windows 8.1.

Strictly speaking, Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade for users of Windows 8, which will be released this fall. In the meantime, Microsoft has announced a preview version of Windows 8.1. A little later, the distribution should appear in the Windows Store, but for now only available 2GB ISO-files.

As said at Microsoft, preview version will be released in Arabic, English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Corporation also warns that the preview version – it’s an incomplete version and installing it is recommended only for informational purposes.

In a corporation, today said that the development, implemented in Windows 8.1, in many developing something that was started in Windows 8. It is true there corporation returned the Start button, for the lack of which it is so much criticized. At the same time, in the Windows 8.1 is preserved Modern interface type, which first appeared in Windows 8. This interface, we recall, is focused on control with touch screens.

Today Microsoft reported that in 2014, the package will update Microsoft Office, equipped with deep support for Modern-interface and approximate in appearance to the Office RT for MIDs.

Speaking of the Modern-interface, may also be noted that in the Windows 8.1 interface that will get more flexible customization, in particular, the possibility of creating tiles of arbitrary size (in previews this feature yet). Coupled with the return button start and more flexible tiles before the users open the possibility of more intense and dense placement of work items.

In addition to this, Modern-user interface now has the ability to install wallpaper, examples of which are in the operating system.

Windows 8.1 Preview

Introduced in Windows 8.1 and a new application “All Apps”, with which the screen can display all installed programs (vaguely reminiscent of Launchpad in Mac OS). Another improvement of OS was improved search data located either locally or remotely.

“Windows Store for Windows 8.1 has been redesigned to provide users with a faster and more convenient access to applications that are of interest to them. Changes were made to promote the empowerment of applications and their search based on individual users’ preferences, as well as control the search through technology Bing. Lists applications now appear in the new format, easy to navigate and recommendations on content that may be of interest to the user, “- said in Microsoft.

The developers say that is expected in Windows 8.1 greatly improved subsystem of video cards and monitors. For example, in Windows 8.1 will support output devices with a pixel density of 300 dpi, whereas in Win8, the figure is 240 dpi. Indirectly, it also points to support 4K-video. Operating system as a whole will get more opportunities to work with photos, color correction and HDR. At this parameter Windows 8.1 can compete with Mac OS X. Another interesting feature Windows 8.1 is to work with Skype, which penetrate deeper into the core of the OS. Thus, the system will be able to receive calls via Skype, even when the computer is idle.

Of course, the new OS will get and a broader list of hardware, the new devices, including the exotic – Eye scanners, professional and other peripherals. Separately, the blogger talks about the new program for the scanner: the OS itself can customize your scanned documents, spreadsheets and photos, eliminating the use of these tools and OCR-programs.

Also, here is support for Bluetooth 4.0, and the system supports low-profile version of the protocol for low-power devices, as well as the RfComm protocol and GATT Bluetooth profile.

If a user is going to use Windows 8.1 on a tablet (meaning x86-tablet), this OS was supported by a newfangled features like Geofencing – the ability to run some applications, depending on the user’s location. For example, the map at the exit of the city. Here there was also a new opportunity to work with a calendar through an updated subsystem Appointments Provider. Of course, here and claimed the speech recognizer.

Will appear here and Internet Explorer 11, which, as it became known, will support WebGL, a standard originally created by Mozilla, as well as the protocol Google SPDY, promising more high-speed Internet connection.

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

English version of the Windows 8.1 preview is available at