Linux FreedomToday, there is a huge amount of distributions OS Linux. All distributions can be divided into two categories: the highly specialized (eg for use on routers), and designed for mainstream users.

As of today there are several hundred versions of Linux and they keep popping up every day. Such diversity was possible only thanks to the concept of free software. Establishment of its versions are engaged as individual fans, and large companies that sponsor the create and maintenance of the new distributions.

Also distinguish the following groups of Linux distributions:

– Based on the Debian, or use the  package deb format (Debian, Knoppix, Ubuntu);
– Based on Ubuntu, which in turn is derived from Debian (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint);
– Based on Red Hat or use the packet format RPM (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Suse);
– Based on Slackware (Zenwalk, MOPSLinux, VectorLinux);
– Use other packet system (Gentoo, Arch Linux).

Which distribution to choose – it’s a private matter. I am for all the time exploring the OS Linux has tried most of the popular distributions, but in the end settled on Ubuntu!

Why Ubuntu?

Yes, because Ubuntu has a number of advantages over similar operating systems based on Linux-kernel. Here are the main ones:

– Ubuntu is focused on the end user with the primary and secondary level technical competencies;

– Easy to install and to use;

– Broad community support Ubuntu (this community brings together programmers from around the world who do not even know each other and communicate only by correspondence;

– Members are testing free programs communicates directly with the developers, which in turn allows you to quickly find and correct errors that occur).

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Ubuntu – is a distribution (the operating system), which contains complete all the required average user software. The founding father of Ubuntu – Mark Shuttleworth. The first distribution was released in 2004 and was called «Warty Warthog», which translated means “Boar Warthog.” Each release is called comic names of animals (for example, “Old Hedgehog”, “Resolute Deer”, “Courageous Horned Rat,” etc.). The development of this version of Linux is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., Founded by Mark Shuttleworth in 2004 and is supported by a large community of users and developers. Ubuntu itself is based on With Debian, it created a collective effort.

The basic idea OS Ubuntu – is the release of free, localized, stable operating system. Each release of the new version of Ubuntu is equipped with everything needed to start a full PC experience. Releases of the system out of once every six months. To install sufficient for 20-25 minutes. And, if use for installation OS LiveCD, then during the installation process, you can easily watch your favorite movie with Chuck Norris in the lead role, reading an e-book or use the internet. After the installation is complete, your system is immediately ready for use. You get a full set of web applications, business applications, software for graphics and games. One disc will give you a good working environment with many applications installed by default. In addition there are thousands of other programs that are available with just a few clicks of the mouse. Work on Ubuntu is a pleasure! You’ll be able to see this.