Linux vs WindowsAfter Successfully migrate public institutions on Linux, the City Council of Munich did not stop there and took the initiative to provide all residents of tools for the transition from Windows XP to Linux.

According to the plan, which passed the stage of preliminary approval, until the spring of next year it is planned to extend about two thousand CDs with the distribution Lubuntu, edited Ubuntu Linux based environment LXDE, oriented to be used on older systems.

Currently in use in Germany is about 20 million computers that are running the operating system Windows XP, released 11 years ago. Time release updates for Windows XP until April of next year, and users of the system will face the challenge of transition to a newer version of Windows, which is more demanding on system resources. As one of the main purposes of migration is called the reduction of electronic waste – instead of recycling still working computers that do not meet the requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, such systems can provide many more years if they are to be installed less intensive operating system.

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The initiators of the action plan to give everyone an alternative solution based on Linux, which will keep in the current hardware and not require the investment of additional funds for its modernization and purchase of a license to a newer version of Windows. Lubuntu comes in the form of LiveCD, allowing each interested city resident pre-test the suitability of a new system for their problems, before making a decision on migration from Windows XP to Linux. In addition to low system requirements Lubuntu (256MB RAM) is one of the selection criteria for this distribution has become familiar to Windows XP users, the classic interface.

CDs will be issued in specially organized events that are planned for early next year. In addition to distributing disks in these events will be explained the positive aspects of using Linux and demonstrated methods of migration. On the production of discs and printing related manuals planned to spend about 4 euros. Currently considered ways to reduce costs through cooperation with local businesses, such as promotion actions.

Lubuntu - a free operating system based on Ubuntu Linux. The main difference Lubuntu - small resource requirements through the use of a computer desktop environment LXDE. It's an advanced operating system that can be put both on modern computers, and the obsolete. Lubuntu is very fast, it is safe, beautiful, functional. In addition, Lubuntu can bring back to life the old personal computers, which other modern operating systems will not be able to operate normally. She is also perfectly suitable for installation on netbooks and other portable devices.