New Data CenterLast week, a number of U.S. media reported that in the state of Iowa is building a major new data center, the owner of which was unknown, and no official information about the new project was not.

This in turn has generated a lot of rumors about who it could be. Not surprisingly, there were three major candidates – Facebook, Google and Apple, each of which could theoretically be the operator of a new data center with a project cost of 700 million dollars.

However, the rumors were not confirmed and Sunday evening at the official site of the authorities state there is evidence of the beneficial owner of the data center of the future. As appears from the official publication, the new data-center in the city of Des Moines (Iowa) will belong to Microsoft and the company will enclose in it 680 million dollars.

Recall that now, and Facebook, and Google, Apple and independently of each other are building data centers in the United States. The first will be used for mobile data center projects, one for “general corporate purposes”, the third – for iCloud.

According to the note, the Economic Development Agency of Iowa, in April of this year, Facebook began to build a data center in the state, now come here and Microsoft, while Google is power then opened in 2009. According to the agency, a total of three Internet companies have invested in data centers throughout the state more than $ 1.1 billion.

Officially, Microsoft has yet to comment on the construction of a new data center, but the state government said that working with data center traffic will start in 2014 and the company will use it to support existing services, the user base is expanding. The authorities also reported that the project of building Microsoft will get tax breaks from the state of $ 20 million, including 15 million for compensation after construction, 5000000 investkreditov. In addition, the company has committed to hire a local data center residents of local towns, expanding the list of jobs.