Linux vs WindowsLinux (GNU / Linux) – is the common name of UNIX-like operating systems that are based on the free Linux kernel and built for him libraries, and the software programs developed by the project GNU.

GNU/Linux, unlike the majority of other OS, has no certain “official” complete set. It comes in a large number of Linux distributions, which are connected with the GNU Linux kernel. The best-known Linux distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo and others.

Let’s talk about the advantages of Linux OS over Windows OS. I identified them only five, but the most important!

The Benefits of Using Linux over Windows:

– Free of charge;
– Reliability;
– Performance;
– Convenience;
– A variety of software.

Let’s look at these benefits in more detail:


Almost all Linux distributions and software for them is free. Why “almost all” you ask? In addition there are a number of free versions of paid distributions and programs, which are generally used by large companies and organizations – they are designed to perform certain specific tasks, so we are not of particular interest. For the comparison, all OS Windows versions and the majority of app to them chargeable and the license for them also costs considerable money. For example, the license for the popular Windows 7 is worth $ 350, and on the well-known software package Microsoft Office – $600.


Linux distributions are highly reliable. Have you ever experienced a situation where an urgent need to use the computer, and the computer freezes, kernel panics, gives a variety of errors. I think so! In this case, you must reinstall the operating system, a process that will take you at least an hour. From my own experience I can say that have to reinstall Windows at least once a year. Agree, not very convenient! So in Linux such problems do not happen. Linux distributions are designed so that they can operate without having to reinstall up to 10 years, and still lags and glitches they do not happen.

Or the second scenario. Do you happen to inexperience or inattention delete any system file with the drive C (the disk on which the Operating System). After this “Windows” does not load, and the screen displays the so-called “screen of death” – a blue background, which is displayed in white letters fatal error. Again, will only reset. In Linux you are not allowed to delete or edit an important system file for a reason. System before it necessarily ask you to enter the password you specified during installation OS. Agree, very convenient, is not it!

Furthermore, Linux unlike Windows are not susceptible to the virus. There is no virus for it can not be said of Windows, for which today hackers from around the world written by a number of malicious software that provide even scary. LACK OF VIRUSES – this is another reason to choose Linux!


The important feature Linux operating systems is their speed. Linux has a huge number of settings that allow you to turn off unnecessary components, which in turn makes it possible to run the OS on the equipment with low productivity. In other words, Linux can run virtually any “hardware.” OS Windows opposite is very demanding on the hardware. Linux allows you to liven up even the weakest personal computer.


The use of OS Linux is very convenient, user-friendly interface is very intuitive and straightforward. By the way, all that you see on your computer screen is a framework GNOME. In fact, GNOME is a desktop environment of the system, but unlike the operating systems Windows, for Linux there are several such shells (for example, KDE, Xfce and others).

I almost forgot to tell you about another handy feature Linux (this applies to all distros) – the software! If you use Windows, you sure you have to install any application on your system, no matter what it is – an ordinary notebook or Adobe Photoshop for professional image editing. If you set the notebook is not particularly difficult, you have to tinker with Photoshop (to install the program itself, to generate the key to it, etc.) – this process may take a novice about an hour. Agree, not very convenient. In the Linux OS is much easier. All programs in it are set through the “Software Center” at the push of a single button “Install”.


Linux has a huge variety of software. As I mentioned, all of the applications on Linux installed a keystroke, most importantly, to have access to the Internet or a CD with software. Programs for Linux innumerable and most importantly – they are all free of charge. You may say, “How am I going to live without your favorite video player KMPlaer?” I hasten to please you and to dispel any doubts about it. For virtually any Windows program on Linux has a similar application (or even more)! In it, you see for yourself. “And what do you do with the games?” – You ask? For Linux there are a lot of games, not less interesting than for Windows. But if you still want to play the game, “sharpened” in Windows, such as Call of Duty, you can use an emulator Wine, which is easily launch your favorite game on the computer with the installed OS Linux! However, not all the games and applications can be run on the emulator – perhaps it’s the only minus Linux. A huge variety of software you – this is one of the advantages of OS Linux!