KScreenRelease KScreen 1.0, a new system of multi-monitor setup for KDE

Presented the first stable release KScreen, new tools for configuring the screen, multi-monitor and organize the withdrawal of additional output devices.

KScreen differs radically simplify the process of setting new devices and placement of desktop on multiple monitors, in the simplest case, just connect a new device and all of the output is automatically adjusted without the use of pre-classical configurators. For example, just connect the second monitor and desktop space will automatically be extended to the right to a new screen.

For each selected configuration will default to the maximum screen resolution. When you close the lid, if it is connected to an external monitor, the screen of the monitor automatically becomes the primary and the laptop screen temporarily. After disconnecting the external display settings are stored and further connect the screen using the previously selected mode. For those wishing to fine-tune or change the default setting of the traditional configurator is available.

KScreen consists of two components: Module System Settings, which provides classic interface for configuration and positioning of screens and modules KDED to adjust on the fly, storing the current settings and restore them when needed (for example, when you reconnect the same external monitor). The development is based on the previously presented on-screen manager KScreen and related library libkscreen, providing functions for EDID-data on connected screens. In the regular supply of the new KDE system settings will appear in the release of KDE 4.11.

KScreen System Settings Module

New KDE Screen Management