Samsung ATIV Q tabletSamsung Electronics presented its new tablet Ativ Q, which stands out among the bulk of the currently existing on the market of such gadgets.

The illustrated device has a dual boot system and can operate on the basis of Android, and Windows 8. Device itself is quite large – it has a 13.3-inch screen, and wear your seat keyboard that makes the tablet very similar to the ultra-portable notebook. In addition, the business user device is equipped with a stylus.

Note that in just a few hours before the presentation Ativ Q, Samsung demonstrated a hybrid ultraportable laptop, which is also available at the same time as with Windows, and with Android.

Many analysts believe that the Windows-Android devices can become a new trend in the market and following the Asus and Samsung and other companies will follow. However, this should alleviate the Microsoft license terms. If Android and Windows 8 dual boot problems should not arise, then Windows RT in its current form, this will not work. “By itself, the concept of a dual-boot is very effective for manufacturers, it allows them to offer a device that will offer twice the value, but the manufacturer will not be additional costs for the production of two tablets,” – said Chris Green, senior technical analyst at Davies Murphy Group.

Samsung ATIV Q tablet

According to him, if the two operating systems offer the possibility of cross-program interaction, it would be even better solution. “Imagine that you can use at the same time the power of business software of Windows and Internet capabilities Android. This is a new approach,” – says Green.

In Samsung say what Ativ Q is based on the new chips Intel Haswell, production of which began in early June. The battery unit can maintain it in working order before 9:00, and the Samsung claim that the device’s screen is bright enough to be able to work to him outside on a sunny day.

Samsung ATIV Q tablet

Simultaneously with the tablet-hybrid, Samsung also showed a new camera and Galaxy NX, which has a 10x optical zoom and can interact with other gadgets Samsung. The company also showed a touchscreen computer Ativ Tab 3 running on Windows 8, and, they are a “very delicate Windows8-device” on the market.

Samsung ATIV Q Hands On

Bringing together the best of Windows 8 and Google’s Android OS in one touchscreen device is Samsung’s new Ativ Q convertible laptop/tablet hybrid. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and featuring 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, Windows 8 virtualises Google’s operating system, allowing you to switch between the two instantly. With a hinge allowing the touchscreen to fold down over the full-size keyboard, you can convert the Ativ Q from laptop to tablet device in a matter of seconds. Nice Notebook with just 1,29 Kilogramm and Intel Haswell for 12 Hours of Runtime.