IdeaPad U330 TouchChina’s Lenovo today unveiled a number of new laptops, working on the basis of the operating system Windows 8.

All new items are shown solutions for the consumer sector, moreover, the company claims that the new IdeaPad – it solutions for students that they can also get to the start of the new school year.

Globally, the company has not implemented in a new IdeaPad revolutionary innovations, but updated the stuffing, offering customers a modern computing and networking arsenal. For example, all new items received support chips Intel Haswell, as well as new graphics.

The company presented a new hybrid solutions IdeaPad U330 Touch and U430 Touch, running on Intel Core I7 chips fourth generation and existing in 13 – or 14-inch version. Both models have touch screens, while the 330-I model only has integrated graphics, a 430 has a dedicated GPU Nvidia GT730M. Prices for Old U330 from 799 dollars, U440 – from $ 899.

The new IdeaPad Y410P is a gaming laptop mid-priced, made in dark brown body and having a red backlit keyboard. New also works on Intel Core i Haswell and has a dedicated graphics Nvidia GT 750M, and here is supported SLI-configuration. In addition to this, users can purchase a 1-terabyte hard drive with a 24-gigabyte SSD-drive.

Models IdeaPad S200 Touch and S400 Touch and development are once existed netbook Lenovo, working for Intel Atom. However, if in the past netbooks cost about 300 dollars, due to the fact that the new models have switched to a more powerful Intel Core i3 and got touch screens, their prices have gone up to 449 and 579 dollars respectively.

LENOVO U330 & U430 Touch Laptop

Lenovo U330 & U430 Touch Laptops are slim, smart & responsive. The 13.3″ & 14″ Ultrabook™ deliver optimized performance in an Ultraportable package.