MySQL ClusterOracle has announced the release of a new version of MySQL Cluster 7.3

The new version of the software package for the deployment of cluster configurations based on the MySQL simplifies the ability for developers to extend their applications to real-time database with high availability, scalability and fault tolerance.

MySQL Cluster provides a number of advanced features, including built-in support for foreign keys, auto installer, browser-based and improved scalability in processing streams of connections – which further helps to ensure compliance with the requirements of end-users to the database high availability requirements the new generation of cloud-based, communication and web- services.

In addition, the built-in integration with MySQL 5.6 Server enables developers to share data storage mechanisms (storage engines; component DBMS) InnoDB and MySQL Cluster in a single application based on MySQL 5.6.

MySQL Cluster is an ACID-compliant transactional database, real-time open-source offering the function “auto-sharding» (auto-sharding – the principle of scalability, where individual pieces of data stored on different servers) and not having a “single point” ( No-Single-Point-Of-Failure – that is, not having the components, the failure of each of which leads to the failure of the entire system).

Library NoSQL JavaScript Connector for node.js simplifies development by transferring the JavaScript code from the client to the server until the database. Adds to the platform node.js asynchronous interface to JavaScript, which can be used to request and obtain the result directly from MySQL Cluster, without conversion to SQL, which ensures low latency and high bandwidth for simple queries. JavaScript Connector for node.js complements the growing suite of interfaces for MySQL Cluster, which already includes interfaces Memcached, Java, JPA and HTTP / REST, allowing you to implement NoSQL-and SQL-statements to the same set of data.

Support for foreign keys (Foreign Key) simplifies application logic and data model enhances compliance by automatic referential integrity between the different tables, placed on different servers, cluster nodes, or in different data centers. Combines advanced features with a distributed relational database real-time database and high availability, which provides for the use of foreign keys in a cluster without shared resources, while at the same time ensuring atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) and allowing you to perform relational connections (JOIN) for data hosted on different servers, thereby providing support for OLTP-task processing large volumes of transactions and analyzes real-time applications. Functional foreign keys can be used for all applications using SQL interfaces and interface nodes in the NoSQL database MySQL-cluster. The implementation of the foreign key to the behavior compatible with the behavior of foreign keys in InnoDB allows developers to use existing knowledge and skills in MySQL.

Automatic Installer MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer enables developers and system administrators to directly from their browsers graphically configure and start up the cluster of “industrial-strength” in minutes with automatic under the existing environment and workloads.

Integration with MySQL Server 5.6 – SQL layer is now based on the latest version of MySQL 5.6, which enables developers and system administrators to use the advantages of the version as increased throughput and reliability of replication. Using the new version of MySQL 5.6, developers can combine the data storage mechanisms and InnoDB MySQL Cluster in a single application.

Scalability for processing thread connections (Connection Thread Scalability) – provides increased bandwidth 1.5-7.5 times per one connection node cluster data MySQL Custer, by increasing the total capacity and scalable cluster. The improvement is achieved by splitting the internal locking and reduce the size of critical sections in the handling of connections. This change is completely transparent to the applications that will benefit from the higher bandwidth simply by upgrading to MySQL Cluster 7.3, which in itself can be made in online mode.


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