Linux FreedomNew issues of distributions Window Maker Live 2013-06-05, Peppermint OS 4 and Parted Magic 2013_06_14

Window Maker Live 2013-06-05 – Live-distribution based on Debian, which has set a goal to create a user environment, is not overloaded with excesses peculiar to modern desktops. User environment is built on the window manager WindowMaker, providing style interface NEXTSTEP. It consists of a set the popular opened applications. The size of the boot iso-image 690 MB.

Feature of the distribution is a package of additional components and actively updated applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird as tar.xz files within the subdirectory “custom”, located separately from the base of the image Live-squashfs. The contents of a self-extracting archives before Live-session or before replacing the disk. This feature allows you to easily incorporate additional applications and new versions of Firefox and Thunderbird without rebuilding squashfs-image.

Peppermint OS 4 – a distribution that combines lightweight stuffing based window manager Xfwm4 components and LXDE environment with a focus on the active use of web-services. The distribution is based on the packet-based Lubuntu 13.04 with certain packages from Linux Mint. Of the supported online-services marked: Gmail, Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Last.FM, image editor Pixlr, Pandora, The Cloud Plyer, YouTube, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Distribution supports work in Live-mode and installed on disk, the size of iso-image is 592 MB. The new version of the remarkable transition from using OpenBox window manager in favor of Xfwm4, as well as implementation support metapackages, allowing you to set a set of thematic programs (eg, install the software for photo editing).

Parted Magic 2013_06_14 – compact LiveCD / LiveUSB distribution system recovery after a crash. The GUI is based on the environment LXDE. In the minimum console mode distribution can run on machines with 48 MB of RAM to run in Live-mode requires 312 MB of RAM. The size of iso-image 315 MB. The new version for the first time in the last 5 years changed desktop themes, due to the transition to the new visual theme. New features on the mount device adds the ability to automatically update and support mount devices Device mapper, smartphones, digital cameras, and set-top boxes. Updated versions of applications: Clonezilla 3.3.40, drbl 2.3.28, partclone 0.2.61, the kernel Linux 3.8.13. In GParted added patches to resize NTFS-partitions with bad-sectors. The structure included RDP-client Remmina for remote connections to an external desktop.


Window Maker Live release 2013-06-05
Peppermint OS 4
Parted Magic 2013_06_15