SkypeIn Skype has been discovered vulnerability, which allows you to lock user accounts.

The gap concerns the service intended for fight against spam. By right-clicking on the contact from the context menu, you can select “Block this person” and put a check mark in “Report Abuse this subscriber.”

Fraudsters have decided to use the service to combat spam blocking “disagreeable” users Skype. Search for specific people is by login via skype: insert_username_here? Menu, and from the search, you can lock or complain to the user.

To lock an account, you need to send to her address 9 complaints. Currently hackers organized groups through social networks spread information about the account to be blocked, and for a short period of time, enter into it becomes impossible.

The worst thing is the fact that the support Skype does not consider any specific cases automatically lock your account. One answer – “You violated paragraph 6.3 of the Terms of use Skype”. As a result, the user loses all the important contacts, correspondence and login, as well as pre-paid subscription and cash on the balance sheet.

Users are actively discussing this issue on the forum Skype , but the administration of the service still does not respond.