Movavi Video EditorThe new version includes an application for fast cutting of files, new visual effects and transitions, as well as an improved menu titers. In general, the video editor has become much more stable.

Company Movavi, a leading developer of software for video and audio, is a new version of one of its flagship products:  Movavi Video Editor 9 for Windows.

Into updated version of the program included a new SplitMovie module for fast slicing files, revised menu for titles, as well as the new special effects and animated transitions. Overall, the program has become more stable due to the large number of other improvements aimed at accelerating the editor.

The new Split Movie module, which opens in a separate window, designed for fast cutting of large files into multiple scenes, trim video from two sides, joining several scenes into one, as well as the selective removal of movies. Effect of Split screen allows you to combine 2, 3 or 4 wheels on one screen in a variety of positions: via split screen into four equal parts, triple split horizontally or vertically, or turning-roll in any quarter of the screen. Scaling Effect mimics the approach and removing the camera on any part of the screen.

In addition, the Movavi Video Editor 9 included a set of new visual effects and ten transitions between frames, developed by partner Movavi – IntrinsicFX. Among the new products: the effects of rotation, Inferno, The Matrix, shaking the camera and others.

Movavi Video Editor Screenshot

The key features of the program include video editing, music, and titles on the timeline with separate tracks, image enhancement using both manual and automatic filters, create slide shows, save video in any format, and conversion for mobile devices.

A fully-functional trial version is available for free download on the official site:

Movavi Video Editor 9 – System Requirements

Movavi Video Editor 9 - System Requirements

New animated fades in Movavi Video Editor 9