Red Hat Linux Red Hat has decided not to use the MySQL in a new version of its corporate distribution RHEL 7, the release of which is expected in the coming year.

As described at the ongoing summit in the U.S. Boston Red Hat Summit, a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7  (RHEL) goes on open database MariaDB, and will include a NoSQL-decision MongoDB.

Note that the transition from MySQL to MariaDB was generally expected, since earlier in the MariaDB moved and community-distribution Fedora, a new version of which came out earlier this year. Earlier, many developers are Linux-distributions expressed dissatisfaction with the policy of Oracle, which owns the rights to the database MySQL. Recently, developers SUSE Linux, creating community-distribution openSUSE, also moved their development to MariaDB.

After the switch RHEL  to MariaDB, followed by the same step and from the system CentOS (compatible with RHEL on the binary level). At present, CentOS is popular among representatives of small business.

MySQL was acquired by Oracle after the latter acquired the company Sun Microsystems in 2010. Immediately following this transaction, many protested, because they believed that Oracle will eventually entice users free database for the transition to commercial versions of Oracle Database. Was against  transition MySQL under influence of Oracle and the author of MySQL Michael Videnius who finally and started developing alternative MariaDB.

However, many IT professionals believe that the transition Red Hat to the MariaDB – this is not a technical but a political move that has far-reaching consequences. “Right now, MariaDB no support among mainstream users and the more the corporate sector, while MySQL is still there. Transition of Red Hat to MariaDB – this is a political decision, due to opposition of Red Hat and Oracle”, – says Arjen Lentz, head of IT consulting company Open Query.

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