Rocksmith 2014Rocksmith – is a music video game produced by Ubisoft, which allows you to learn to play the guitar.

Rocksmith 2014 version was introduced of the development team as part of E3 2013, which took place this week. On the event, organized by Ubisoft, a guitar solo played Jerry Cantrell, the leader of the group Alice in Chains. The demonstration showed how much the developers have tried to make the software environment more “friendly” and useful both for beginners and for experienced guitarists. But the most interesting is that the 2014 update offers everyone feel like a rock star interesting feature called Session Mode.

The original game Rocksmith has a professional amp simulator that allows you to virtually simulate almost any guitar sound by adjusting the various options. In particular, the user can change the position of the microphone simulator.

However, as is well known to every musician, playing in a band and play with myself – are two totally different things. Gather a group of full staff does not always work, and it is here Session Mode can be very useful. It allows you to fill the vacant seat in the virtual group by selecting different instruments for each of the four slots. In a demonstration of the developers have presented a wide range of drum sets, guitars, bass and other instruments. Ubisoft has also created several pre-configured instrumental groups for different musical genres – for example, the prog-rock.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition — E3 2013 Announcement Trailer

Once the user has virtually collects your ideal group, it can start playing. Session Mode is not playing already recorded tracks for missing musicians. Instead, it implements a new intelligent technology which dynamically generates the track, taking into account in which the user plays in the style of the moment. Polished sound as a result of such improvisation, of course, does not work, but the virtual experience is similar to the real situation, when a group of friends gathered together to rehearse.

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As the developers Rocksmith 2014 – musical instruments are truly “smart”. The user only has to start executing, and other tools of “turn on” in the course of how real people would have caught the idea and joined the game. As you increase or decrease the intensity of playing lead guitar other tools adjust to her “mood”. When the user finishes playing music, the track slowly ends – of course, with a powerful drum finale. By the way, the virtual drummer will also respond to the acceleration or deceleration rate of the composition.

As a result, the user receives the tools to control each virtual team member – can adjust the speed, pitch their games and many other options. In addition, Rocksmith 2014 allows users to hone their skills. Whatever the tone is chosen, Rocksmith will display the appropriate frets at the bottom of the screen. It also provides a timeline showing how harmonious or dissonant music sounds.

Rate Mode Session Mode and other new version, users will be able in a few months – Rocksmith 2014 goes on sale in October this year.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition – E3 2013 Floor Report

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