Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStackCompany Red Hat, a global provider of open-source software, today announced two new products that implement the ideology of open hybrid “cloud.”

We are talking about the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform – Solution for an experienced developer of cloud-based OpenStack, and Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, versatile solution for organizations that want to move from the traditional technology of the virtual data center to the “cloud” based on OpenStack.

New products are based on Red Hat solutions, enterprise-class open source software, technical support specialists Red Hat, spreads through the developed partner ecosystem Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network and are designed to simplify the process of implementation of OpenStack technology in enterprises, the company said.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack combines the capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenStack, forming a scalable and secure platform for building enterprise or public “clouds.” Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, in turn, allows organizations to implement a model of the “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS), which is suitable for both traditional and cloud-based applications running on a single cloud platform. For organizations Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure opens up the possibility of transfer-managed applications in the “cloud”: according to a predetermined plan, in compliance with the regulations of their own IT, fully controlled.

Thus, according to the developers, the platform Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack is designed with a focus on cloud experienced developers, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and hosting providers public “clouds.”

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform consists of the following components: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server – secure and certified environment for the application servers, OpenStack (compute nodes, storage nodes, control nodes) plus scalable Linux OS for the virtual machines; Red Hat OpenStack – scalable, fault-tolerant platform optimized and integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the development of managed corporate or public “cloud.”

With the help of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform experienced developers will be able to design and deploy infrastructure OpenStack, focusing on improving the level of services, application development tools and adaptation capabilities of the platform, and the task of ensuring the integrity of the code, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and OpenStack impose on Red Hat.

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In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform includes a variety of enterprise-level features that allow you to deploy applications, tested and certified to be compatible with the hardware and software, while providing a predictable, stable life cycle of applications as well as data protection SELinux level of defense enterprises.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure consists of the following components:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization – an integrated system for the virtual data center for Linux and Windows (makes it possible to build a flexible, secure database virtualization of traditional enterprise applications);

Red Hat CloudForms – open solution for controlling a hybrid “cloud” (provides visibility and control of heterogeneous virtual infrastructures and enables the deployment of cloud services built on the basis of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMware vSphere or other solutions, hypervisors and platforms);

Red Hat OpenStack – scalable models for IaaS, open and flexible framework for building enterprise “clouds” (based on the OpenStack project, plus optimization and integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux);

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server – a scalable and high-performance implementation of the Linux operating system for the virtual machines running on the compute nodes of OpenStack.

Solutions Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure will be available from July 2013 Red Hat plans to work with a limited number of “pilot” partners in individual countries, followed by increasing the number of partners that have been certified by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, and expansion of geographical coverage.

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