Windows Embedded Compact 2013Microsoft has released a new version of the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 2013 for compact portable devices. The main innovation is the ability to develop on Visual Studio 2012, which includes an updated compiler to support the new programming standards for C / C, performance and code optimization, as well as a new integrated development environment (IDE).

According to representatives of Microsoft, “Release is the most flexible and compact tool in a series of Windows Embedded, supports x86 and ARM platforms, and designed specifically to optimize the performance of portable devices.”

“For companies today, it is important to cover the big information layers to be competitive, – says general manager of Windows Embedded at Microsoft. – With the help of powerful devices based on Windows Embedded Compact will be possible to carry out information, “exploration” for different industries. Windows Embedded Compact 2013 – really a very flexible platform that extends the capabilities of the development of modern devices. “

Where is Windows Embedded?

In addition, Microsoft announced that the new OS will support the updated version. NET Compact Framework 3.9, which will inherit a number of improvements from the previous versions, including support for WinForms. Have also been improved technology to boot, which allowed the OS to run for 2 seconds from the time the device is switched before the application is loaded.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 presentation

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