Playstation 4 vs Xbox OneWith the announcement of the game and media console new generation of Xbox One passed three weeks and yesterday, Microsoft has finally disclosed the cost of the device: it was at the upper limit of analysts’ expectations, a very risky area, according to them: $ 499.

Recall that the Xbox One runs on the 8-core CPU / GPU, equipped with 8 GB of RAM, drive Blu-ray, hard drive to 500 GB, USB 3.0 interface and protocol support Wi-Fi Direct. Over the past three weeks, figured out some more details on the features of the Kinect sensor and of the console Xbox One, including the requirement of mandatory access to the Internet.

At the same time, Sony also yesterday at the E3 conference announced its next-generation console Playstation 4. Although it is not divulged its specifications, but immediately called the price: the price of PS4 will be only $ 399 / € 399 for the United States and Europe, respectively, and £ 349 for the UK.  It goes on sale in late December, but now it is open for pre-order on the site Amazon. This relatively not high cost of PlayStation 4 – not very good news for their competitors, as Microsoft plans to sell its console Xbox One at a much higher price (by as much as $ 100 more expensive). So those who do not every interest in a special service or other exclusive Kinect fichah from Microsoft, certainly choose the PS4.

But the low price PS4 – it’s not all good news from Sony for its fans. First, there will be restrictions on the resale of used games and it’s not for any money will be collected. Secondly, you to play video games, do not need to connect to the Internet, which is another advantage of the PS4 console compared to Xbox One. But that’s not all competitive advantages PS4: according to an official statement (Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studies, 500 GB hard drive PlayStation 4 users, if necessary, can be replaced!

With the Playstation 4 announced an updated game controller DualShock 4 and a video camera to track the controller.

But among a number of good news for fans of the new console and is one that is unlikely to please gamers. So, to get access to the multiplayer PS4 players will have to subscribe to Playstation Plus. This month subscription will cost you $ 9.99, and a year – at $ 49.99. But having issued it, you will get access to a collection of free games on the PS Vita and PS3.

Sony has also announced that at the moment for the PlayStation 4 is developed more than 140 games, 100 of which will be released within a year after the release of consoles.

Comparison of Microsoft and Sony devices in some parameters given in the table. Noteworthy significant limitations due to the use of DRM in the console from Microsoft. Sony was the presentation separately mentioned that these limitations do not exist in the Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

Playstation 4 Xbox One
Price $399 $499
Includes 1 controller 1 controller, Kinect 2
Other payments Membership PS Plus: $ 50 membership Xbox Live Gold: $ 60, media applications
Backward compatibility Since 2014 the use of streaming technology Gaikai No
Regional lock No Yes
Buy Used Games Yes Limited
Resale Games Yes with the permission of the publisher only in certain stores
Games gift Yes with the permission of the publisher, 1 time on the game, only to friends Xbox Live for 30 days or more
Borrowing Games Yes It is not available at startup. May appear in the future
Off line game Yes 24 hours maximum

Exclusive Games

Xbox One: PS4:

– Ryse: Son of Rome;
– Halo 5;
– Forza Motorsport 5;
– Sunset Overdrive;
– Quantum Break;
– Project Spark;
– Crimson Dragon;
– Killer Instinct;
– Dead Rising 3;
– Kinect Sports Rivals;
– D4;
– Zoo Tycon;
– LocoCycle.

– DriveClub;
– Dark Sorcerer;
– Basement Crawl;
– inFamous: Second Son;
– Knack;
– Killzone: Shadow Fall;
– The Order: 1886.

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