Microsoft Xbox One E3Microsoft on Monday on the conference-exhibition E3 in Los Angeles presented a few new games, focused on the game console Xbox One, which is expected to release in November this year.

Last month, the company showed the console itself, and also briefly spoke about its non-gaming capabilities.

Now the presentation was almost entirely devoted to games for Xbox One.

Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated announcement was the presentation of the traditional flagship Xbox – shooter Halo, the fifth version of which is to continue the tradition of the main line. The paradox with Halo 5 is that there is still Halo was the “locomotive” for the Xbox and leaving either a new Xbox, or any of its hardware upgrades that come out and the new Halo. However, this time it will not be so:  Xbox One will be released in the autumn, whereas Halo 5 only in the first half of the year 2014.

The company also showed the work of the previously announced games Quantum Break, the first of which became known in May. Another game – Ryse: Son of Rome created by developers from Crytek, so here Corporation made a bid for the fine drawing, emphasizing the power of filling the hardware console. Racing simulator Forza 5 retains the beautiful graphics component, but is at the same time some of the features of cloud gaming.

Another line was the announcement of the Sunset Overdrive, where the emphasis is on the dynamics and beautiful graphics. Recently there were some other AAA-games that somehow already reached the ears of gamers in one form or another.

We should also talk about the new development – Project Spark. This is a game in which the user will build the world and combine some of the elements. A kind of hybrid of Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet and The Spore, but adjusted for the powerful graphics component. Here to players promised not only beautiful appearance games, but also the advanced physics objects and their complex group behavior. However, Project Spark – it’s not Xbox-exclusive, since the game will work, including on Windows 8.

Declared for Xbox One and Minecraft, which is specifically for this console will be rewritten in HD-quality.

Told in Microsoft and about Battlefield 4, written in the depths of EA. Of course, this game will also be available on the Playstation 4, but by the time releases will be distributed and for a while there will be a Battlefield 4 for Xbox One.

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