OpenShiftAfter nearly two years of beta testing, the decision of Red Hat OpenShift Online matured to the stage of commercial release, and has acquired a commercial-hour technical support.

Ashesh Badani, General Manager at Red Hat online services, says that OpenShift PaaS-like platform will be positioned as a solution for large and medium-sized businesses.

According to him, OpenShift by Red Hat capacities have already worked with the “millions of applications” and about 2,000 new applications are placed on OpenShift commercial customers daily. Each week service adds a user base of approximately 1,500 new users.

Sales prices OpenShift start with a mark of 20 dollars a month. You can buy a subscription to the U.S. tomorrow, and in Europe – in a week. The company also began selling a version of OpenShift Enterprise to create large enterprises PaaS-platform in their own data centers.

Red Hat says that unlike other PaaS-players such as VMware or Microsoft, Openshift optimized to work with the decisions of both producers in the private cloud business user or a third-party data center.

Previously, Red Hat has already released products to work in the cloud, in particular, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, OpenShift but differs from them because he is working in the cloud. The application allows you to manage the allocation of hardware resources of the servers in the cloud, manage existing cloud images and manage their IT infrastructure from a single management console. Red Hat says that OpenShift has several important advantages over competing products.

First, it allows you to control the allocation of resources with them thoroughly, and secondly, the new product – a true polyglot, as it supports a variety of languages ​​development of applications, including Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and others. Accordingly, the process of writing applications based on OpenShift completely abstracted from specific hardware, allowing maximum use of programs written in the cloud.

From the point of view of safety, OpenShift uses several technologies that have been used in Red Hat Linux, in particular SELinux. Strictly speaking, the OpenShift is based on Red Hat Linux. In the future, OpenShift also will get the support of the distribution OpenStack.

What is a OpenShift Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

OpenShift Enterprise Platform as a Service:

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