Apple Mac OS X MavericksApple yesterday opened its annual conference for developers WWDC2013 (already the 24th in a row), the first day of which the company presented its main points and showed their new products.

At the opening conference, the company will hold more than a hundred sessions, which will visit more than 1,000 engineers. Recall that this conference tickets were sold over the Internet in just 71 seconds after the start of sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that over the five years of the online catalog App Store the number of applications it has exceeded 900,000, with nearly 90% of them are downloaded at least once a month. The total number of user accounts exceeds 575 million, and the total amount of commission payments to programmers exceeded 10 billion dollars.

At the opening of WWDC, revealed a whole new class of applications for iOS. Anki – the world’s first artificial intelligence that runs on the mobile OSes Apple. Anki was developed by programmers at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S.. At the presentation of the specialists indicated a decision Anki Drive – small toy cars that moved entirely autonomously, managing software on an iOS. The developers say that the machine – it’s just an example. There may be any other objects, up to the present robots or weapons.

Themselves Anki Drive cars will appear in the App Store this fall.

However, from the company had expected more its announcements. And such announcements followed. First in line was the Mac OS X desktop. Apple today presented the updated Mac OS X 10.9, which received the name Mavericks. Yes, the company moved away from the “lion’s names” and replace the current Mountain Lion will come exactly Mavericks.

By itself, the Mavericks continued trend of unification iPhone and iPad traditional functions or Mac OS. Here, the company updated the conductor Finder, allowing you to open multiple Finder windows in different tabs. In addition, developers are allowed to assign additional tags documents and storing files in iCloud is completely transparent to the user. With the help of labels can be expanded search capabilities in the file system.

Mavericks makes life easier for the owners of computers with multiple monitors. You can distribute the menu of the operating system among two or more monitors, more than that, you can not just allocate system functions, but also the content, you can create large images on multiple monitors. Tuned for multiple-monitor utility and Mission Control, which makes it easier to flip the windows between multiple monitors.

For mobile computers in the operating system has a new feature Timer Coalescing, which reduces CPU usage and increases battery life.

Apple also showed a new version of the browser Safari, which will be supplied with OS X 10.9. According to the manufacturer, the new product will increase the speed of approximately 1.5 times, and also will receive additional opportunities for integration with Twitter and LinkedIn. If we talk about the engine browser, there is on the one hand has been increased productivity JavaScript, and the other – a new feature App Nap, which is “radically” reduce the power consumption in laptops browser. Also, the browser is able to work with cloud-based utility iCloud Keychain, which allows to remotely store user details.

Another interesting new feature is the operating system, its function is fully applied background update applications that are 100% saves users from having to check for updates. But some applications like Calender or Apple Maps have tighter integration with Facebook.

Finally, the last important novelty of Mac OS X 10.9 was coming iBook app in the OS, whereas until now the product has existed only for mobile platforms Apple.

In Apple did not report on the cost of the OS. Recall that the current client version of Mac OS X 10.8 is $ 20, the server version – $ 50.

Apple’s Tim Cook Introduces Mac OS X Mavericks at WWDC