NetworkedBlogsI write here about how to Get More Followers for Your Blogs, how to Link your Blog to your Facebook and Twitter, how to Promote and Generate More Traffic to Your Blogs.

NetworkedBlogs is one of the most important sources of traffic to your blog is social network.

Popular platform NetworkedBlogs, which allows bloggers to socialize their sites by adding special widgets, changed the concept. If earlier the project will focused his attention primarily on bloggers (they did it quite well: in the registered 1,000,000 thousand projects), now the focus has shifted to the ordinary reader.

The project changed the design of the home page that now offers not only add your blog to increase traffic and attract new readers, but also entice visitors to register in the service, to keep track of interesting resources. NetworkedBlogs is a user-generated blog directory and syndication tools for publishers, and is one of the largest news apps on Facebook. NetworkedBlogs – this is not just a service through which you can socialize your blog, but also the Reader. is permanently shutting down from June 25, 2013. If you are looking for another Network of Bloggers, I suggest to please visit my Blog’s link below and register your blog then link with me right away so I could immediately link with you (Follow and be followed).
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The company now provides convenient tools and blog owners, and general readers. As representatives of the project, the focus is on both the audience was installed before you run the service, but to realize it was only possible after an investment of $ 450,000 from 500 Startups and TMT Investments.

The service interface is convenient: in the main panel contains all the blog posts on individual columns, each of which can be scrolled. If you go to a separate blog page, you can see small previews consisting of the name and a picture, which is taken directly from the article. Each post is loaded next to the announcements. There is an opportunity to share a record in social networks.


If the blog for updates that you want to monitor is not available, then it can always be added. In the future, the company plans to launch an application for the iPad, now available to download on Android-reader devices.

VIDEO: How to use Network Blogs to get traffic to your blog

How to use the Networked blogs app on Facebook

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