PRISM programThe Washington Post reports on a top-secret program, data analysis National Security Agency, which, among other works directly on the servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.

“NSA and FBI are sitting directly on the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, for extracting video, audio, photos, mail, documents and communication logs that track the movement of people and their contacts with the passage of time” – the newspaper writes.

Details about  the program ‘Project PRISM’ vague, but apparently the NSA appealed to the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence for permission to “discover these servers for units Data Intercept Technology Unit FBI.”

“With a few clicks and a confirmation that the subject is suspected of terrorism, espionage, or the proliferation of nuclear weapons, analysts receive full access to the advanced search functions tracking Facebook and various other online social services,” – explains the WP.

NSA, so it could collect data on the suspect, “leaping” on those with whom he interacts and expanding the potential pool of suspects virtually endless.

Most of the IT companies mentioned in this article rejects the accusations.

Google: “We carefully take care of the security of user data. We provide them by law and carefully consider each request. “

Microsoft: “We provide data only on the order and the court did not take part in the programs of government surveillance.”

Facebook: “We do not have any access to government organizations to our servers, observing all the laws in the provision of access to personal data.”

It became known yesterday that the NSA displays of all subscribers cellular provider Verizon.

PRISM program Providers and dataPRISM program Participating providers

Today, Obama flew to Silicon Valley to resolve the situation.